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Focus Your Leadership

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The Fastest Investment in Your Achievement

Developing yourself and your team can be a slow, expensive, and confusing endeavor.

How do you know what will give you the greatest return in the fastest amount of time?

After all, you’re busy. You need an upgrade fast.

We’ve spent years researching how to move individuals and teams to the next level in the shortest amount of time possible.

Focus is the key.

FOCUS = Clear Goals + Smarter Productivity

A Livestream to Focus You and Your Team

The Focused Leader is a repeatable framework for achievement that implements the game-changing power of focus.

With The Focused Leader framework, you can give you and your team the gift of clearer goals and smarter productivity, so you can achieve your biggest wins every 90 days.


Set Clear and Attainable Goals


Implement Smarter Productivity


Achieve Big Wins Every 90 Days

With The Focused Leader Livestream, you can make the single greatest investment in your achievement from the comfort of your own home or office.

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Proven to Help You and Your Team Achieve With Less Overwhelm.

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What to Expect from the Livestream

  • A full day for you and/or your team to work on your business, not in your business.
  • Six core sessions to teach the framework.
  • Proprietary tools to use with your team and grow your business.
  • A repeatable, proven system to power your business’ success.
  • A clear plan to achieve more with less overwhelm in just 90 days.

Here’s How It Works


Watch The Focused Leader Livestream

Available to stream live on September 5 or anytime on-demand up to 10 days after the event.


Learn the six-part framework.

Combining the power of clear goals and smarter productivity, you’ll discover a revolutionary framework for achievement.


Create your 90-Day Focus Plan.

Walk away with a custom, actionable gameplan to achieve your biggest win in the next 90 days.

Then repeat it for the next 90 days.

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The Focused Leader is for...

  • Business owners
  • Managers, directors, and team leaders
  • Teams
  • Employees
  • Coaches/Consultants
  • C-level executives
  • Nonprofits
  • Sales representatives
  • Ministry leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing leaders
  • Operational leaders

...And anyone who wants to leverage focus to grow their organization.

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Your Investment for Focused Achievement

September 5
(1-2 Attendees)
(3-5 Attendees)
(6+ Attendees)

* Can’t watch it on September 5? No worries. You can watch on-demand for up to 10 days after the event.

Livestream Schedule

Watch live on September 5 and on-demand up to 10 days after the event.


Morning Sessions
Lunch Break
Afternoon Sessions
Watch live on September 5 and on-demand up to 10 days after the event.

We’ve helped thousands of individuals and teams grow.

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt, the creator of The Focused Leader framework, is the former CEO of a $250M publicly-held company and the current CEO of a leadership-development company. He knows what it’s like to overcome the daily overwhelm and drive major growth. Unlike most coaches, he is a seasoned professional with decades of leadership experience under his belt. He’s helped thousands implement focus to drive their biggest achievement.



When you register for The Focused Leader Livestream, you’ll get a license key which will allow you to stream into the intensive. You’ll also receive a workbook with exercises and other proprietary tools you can use in your business. This includes the 90-Day Focus Plan.
No worries. With your license, you’ll be able to watch the Livestream on-demand up to 10 days after the event.
You can still purchase an individual license and watch the Livestream. If you’re looking to upgrade your productivity and achievement, this is the best option for you.
The Focused Leader framework was built from the latest discoveries and modern research surrounding productivity, goal-setting, and leadership. Tens of thousands of our customers have experienced transformation through these strategies in our past online courses, 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever and Free to Focus. Not only that, but we use this same framework to build leaders within our company.

With The Focused Leader, we’ve taken only the best of our content, and put it inside this six-part framework. You can trust you’re getting the most updated and ground-breaking content to upgrade your leadership.

One Livestream Can Focus Your Efforts and Multiply Your Achievement

Imagine having a team that is completely aligned on their goals and the way they’re going to achieve. And imagine having complete clarity on how you will reach your goals in just 90 days. All it takes is spending just one day watching The Focused Leader Livestream.

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